Lanscaping garantied 3 years, pavers garantied for life*

Our warranty

At Amenagement Soleil, we are confident about the quality of the works we do for you. That is why we offer you a three-year warranty including both the workforce and the materials used. This warranty starts on the date the job is completed. The paving stones are covered by a lifetime warranty and this protection is offered to you by the manufacturer.

*Considering that the maintenance (watering, fertilizing, etc.) of sods, plants, trees and flowers is our customer’s responsibility, they are not covered by our three-year warranty, even if they have been planted by Amenagement Soleil.

However, if you are not satisfied with either the products used or their installation, you must communicate with Amenagement Soleil Plus within 12 hours following their installation.

Our warranty applies to the following elements

  • Water accumulation greater than 5 mm
  • Grounds movements caused by frost or thaw
  • Structures alignment
    (retaining walls, staircases, etc.)

Amenagement Soleil Plus is certified:

Our warranty excludes the following elements

  • Natural disasters or extreme weather conditions (earthquakes, tornados, floods, etc.)
  • Damages caused by an excessive or inappropriate use of the works; by the use of heavy machinery, by a mature tree already in position before the beginning of the works or by oily stains on the asphalt
  • Scratches caused by a tool or by machinery
  • The covering of existing structures with paving stones