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Are you planning a landscaping project ? Here is a list of questions you might want to read in order to evaluate all your needs.

The main reason for you to install such a system lies in the fact that the whole ground’s surface will be adequately irrigated and that it will be easier to proceed to a uniform and deep irrigation, which will allow a better implanting of the lawn and plants. Furthermore, the watering of your ground will be automated and you will never have to worry about it. Finally, you will get the reassurance that, at all time, you are respecting the municipal regulation applying to the watering in your area.

Almost all the elements found on a landscaping area can be created with pavers. Some examples: patio, terrace, staircase, parking area, retaining wall, borders, etc.

The municipal regulations vary from one city to the other. It is thus essential that you consult the town planning services of your locality to obtain precise data on this matter.

The municipal regulations vary from one city to the other. It is thus essential that you consult the town planning services of your locality to obtain precise data on this matter.

Considering the fact that all the work is done outside and that most of them cannot be realized on a waterlogged ground, it is possible, according to Mother Nature’s whims, that delays occur because of bad weather conditions.

Our work is made by experienced teams which have already realized several landscaping projects. However, Amenagement Soleil Plus’ managers are present on a daily basis on the site to make sure that everything is well taken care of. Our goal is to make sure that everything goes smoothly…

The cost of a project varies according to several elements. The best way to have an accurate price for the realization of your dream is to ask one of our specialists to go to meet you directly at your property.

Our specialists are available days and evenings, Monday to Friday and on days on Saturday to meet you directly at your property. Nothing is easier. You can communicate with us by phone at 514-MON-SOLEIL (514-666-7653) or by e-mail at the following address : info@amenagementsoleil.com

The answer is yes. Several options are available and different payment methods are also offered. Ask our specialists to provide you with all the information regarding the financing options. This might give you the opportunity to make your dream come thru sooner than later…

– As soon as the sods are installed, it is necessary to water them abundantly (until an inch of soil under the sods is completely wet);

– During the 3 days following the sod’s installation, it is necessary to water it in the morning (before the sunrise) and in the evening (after the sunset) for approximately an hour on each zone;

– For the following two weeks, it is necessary to water the lawn in the evening and you should make sure to water everywhere;

– Afterward, it will be necessary to space out the soil’s watering while assuring a deep one to favor a better implanting.

It is recommended to leave the grass at a minimum height of three inches (7-8 cm) and to proceed weekly or semimonthly. It is essential to avoid mowing the lawn during a heat wave.

It is recommended to supply a good fertilizer to the new lawn approximately three weeks after its installation. Afterward, it is recommended, to maintain an excellent quality lawn, to observe the following fertilization calendar:

– At the beginning of May: 2,4 kg / 100 m2 of a type “21-3-9” fertilizer

– In the middle of June: 2,4 kg / 100 m2 of a type “21-3-9” fertilizer

– At the end of August: 3 kg / 100 m2 of a type “10-25-10” fertilizer

In the longer term

It is recommended to make an analysis of the soil, especially if the shearing of lawn’s residues are collected. These analysis, which can be made in most garden centers, will indicate you if the ground pH needs to be corrected with some products. If required, it will always be better to take action in the spring after having proceeded with the soil’s aeration.

This product requires very little maintenance and its durability is legendary. You wish to protect its initial beauty? Nothing is easier… In spring, use a high-pressure watering machine to proceed to the bricks’ cleaning. The use of a sealer will be proposed to you every four to five years in order to maintain your investment’s original look. The only element that cannot be neglected: oil stains. They must be cleaned as quickly as possible with a specially designed product for that purpose. And there you go… ready to take advantage of a magnificent environment, year after year…

Asphalt does not require any maintenance. The use of a sealer should be avoided since it imprisons gases escaping from the asphalt when it is hot. That will cause the asphalt to crack which means you will need to either repair it or change it.

At Amenagement Soleil, we are confident about the quality of the works we do for you. That is why we offer you a three-year warranty including both the workforce and the materials used. This warranty starts on the date the job is completed.

The paving stones are covered by a lifetime warranty and this protection is offered to you by the manufacturer.

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Our staff is well experimented in landscaping; we only use top-quality materials; our services are all available on a “turnkey service” basis and for those who need it, we provide several easy payment conditions as well as financing if required.

Our company found its way to quickly take a leader’s pole in the landscaping business and the vast experience of Aménagement Soleil Plus’ owner has taken him to, rightly, become a reference on the market. But above all, the first motivation of Aménagement Soleil Plus’ whole team is the satisfaction of their customers.

Life expectancy Over 100 years 15 to years
Variety of colors Several colors available to harmonize with your property’s style Black and this color will quickly fade in time
Resistance to temperature variations Remains intact in spite of intense cold or heat waves In times of heat wave, the asphalt softens and when a vehicle circulates in the driveway, tires can leave permanent tracks
Using a sealer Recommended every 4-5 years according to the use of the area Not recommended because sealing the asphalt imprison gases escaping when it is hot. That causes the asphalt to crack so it will quickly require repairs or replacement
Oil stains Cleans itself easily by using an accessible cleaning product Cannot be cleaned and damage the asphalt in a permanent way